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Pregnancy Massage also Called Prenatal Massage Therapy

At Graves Family Chiropractic in Frisco our Massage Therapists have advanced training in Prenatal Massage Therapy.

Prenatal Massage produces wonderful benefits to the body as it transitions through different stages of pregnancy. It refreshes and energizes the body by improving circulation, relaxing aching muscle and joints. Prenatal massage stimulates your lymphatic system, removing excess toxins and fluids and boosting your immune system.

Prenatal Massage improves labor and delivery, eases labor pain, relieves stress to the glandular system helping balance hormonal levels to reduce anxiety. Prenatal Massage is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall health and wellbeing. Our Massage Therapists work to relieve the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as neck and back pain, leg cramps, headaches, joint pain & swelling. During Prenatal Massage you will be gently positioned on your side with special body support cushions to ensure comfort and safety.