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“Our Patient’s Speak”

“My name is Gary B. Several months ago I was diagnosed as having a bulging disc in my lower back. I would experience severe pain down my right leg if I stood for short periods of time or attempted to walk any distance. The pain was also having an effect on my career as a federal law enforcement officer. After ten weeks of physical therapy which failed to provide a remedy, my doctor advised that the only other treatment was back surgery. I really did not want to attempt the back surgery because of all the failures that I had heard of. I was referred to Dr. Graves by one of his patients and decided to give it a try. Doctor Graves did an assessment and advised that he thought he could help me. After two months of treatments I am pleased to tell you that I am completely pain free and can now resume all of the activities that I had enjoyed prior to my back injury. I was impressed with the friendly, caring staff at Graves Family Chiropractic and highly recommend that you give Dr. Graves a try if you are experiencing pain. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being pain free and hopefully you can be also.” Gary B.

“I came to Dr. Graves with little hope. I was informed by an orthopedic surgeon, that the only way to “fix” my problem was surgery. His recommendation was to break and re-fuse my back with no guarantee of less pain. I continued to treat my symptoms with pain medication and ignored the underlying problem. I became very discouraged about ever feeling normal again. One day I was talking with a friend who is a patient of Dr. Graves and she told me of her wonderful results and his gentle approach. After my first adjustment I noticed a difference. I have been coming to Dr. Graves since December 5, 1998 and have less pain, better mobility, flexibility and have even lost weight due to my increased activity level.” Thank you, Wendy B.

Little Isabella has suffered with severe chronic ear infections since she was five months old. The doctors kept giving her harsh antibiotics, yet they never cleared up her ear infections. The medication was so strong that Isabella would spit it up when we gave it to her. To make sure she was getting the right dosage the doctor ended up giving her a shot with the drug in it. Even this did not help her ear infections. Finally the doctor suggested the strongest antibiotic available. It smelled and tasted awful so we had to hold her down and force-feed the drug to her. During these horrible three months nothing worked, she still was having painful ear infections. Finally, we brought Isabella in to see Dr. Graves as a last attempt before they surgically put tubes in her little ears. Dr. Graves saw her nearly every day for two weeks and just like that the ear infections were gone. Isabella was saved from painful ear infections and surgery.” Thank you, Lisa A.